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May 23 2012

Cleveland Bucket List

So, I love Bucket Lists. They are a lot of fun, and helpful to organize your goals for adventurous living. Freshman year of college, my friends and I all made bucket lists. We re-made them senior year, and reviewed what we had and hadn’t done, and what we still wanted to do. It was really fun and eye-opening, and showed how much we had all changed and grew.
This is my (ever growing) Cleveland Bucket List. It is mostly activities I’d like to do or places I’d like to visit. Some of them are strange, some of them are basic. Suggestions are welcome.
- Run the Cleveland Marathon (or at least the 5K)
-Visit the Rock Hall of Fame
-Visit the Metropark Zoo and Rainforest
-Go hear the Cleveland Orchestra

-See an Indian’s game, a Cavaliers game, and a Brown’s game.

-Go sailing or kayaking on Lake Erie (and maybe fishing)

-Find 25…

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May 22 2012

Adventure: Cleveland

I love going on adventures. One of my favorite activities is going Geocaching, where you get coordinates on your gps device and wander around weird locations, looking for hidden items. It’s bizarrely fun, and full of community interaction. You meet the weirdest, coolest people, and participate in the larger community of geocaching itself. I also…

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